Episode 18 – The Good Friends have a funny spell


Jackson Elias

This week we talk about our favourite magical spells from non-Lovecraftian sources, as a follow-up to our discussion of spells from Call of Cthulhu in episode 16. Matt and Scott pick examples from some of their favourite roleplaying games, and Paul does his own thing.


No, the other Paul

We recorded this episode before our interview with Rafael Chandler, which is why you will hear Scott explaining the Books of Pandemonium to Paul and Matt, despite us apparently just having spoken to their author. We may be getting on a bit, but we’re not that forgetful!

The games we discuss are:

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4 Responses to Episode 18 – The Good Friends have a funny spell

  1. RogerBW says:

    A couple I’m fond of from home-grown systems:


    Dimensional Formatter

  2. Those sound very sinister indeed!

  3. I always loved Triad of Flame from Rolemaster; it sounded menacing and like a John Woo film.

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