The Good Friends interview Cubicle 7 (well, three of them)

We’ve just carried out our second video interview, this time with Dominic McDowell, Andrew Kenrick and Jon Hodgson of Cubicle 7. Most of the interview is about the ongoing Cthulhu Britannica London boxed set Kickstarter, but the team also gave us details and tantalising hints about a number of other upcoming Cthulhu-related projects.

There are a few audio hiccoughs in the recording, but it should all be intelligible. We’ll put out an audio-only version as soon as we can, as the Kickstarter only has a week to go! You’d better get in there quickly if you want some of the Kickstarter-specific goodies.

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  1. raildave says:

    Loved the Interview. Though there was some was overall a fantastic interview.

  2. Glad to hear that, David!

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