Skills & RPGs

This latest discussion is all about skills in roleplaying games, ranging from Library Use to Firearms to the ability to put out a podcast on a regular schedule. We’ve put some more points into this last one, honest.


“What do you mean it’s Tuesday already?”

We ramble on about what role skills play in a game, how they came about, what the alternatives to skill systems are and the ways in which and reasons why the skill system in the latest edition of Call of Cthulhu is slightly simpler. We almost certainly get a lot of stuff wrong, but this is deliberate, as it’s the only way to improve in some systems.


“So I get another 5% in Pilot Zeppelin, right?”

As ever, there is digression, disagreement and diverse and dreadful profanity. Being British, we get a racial bonus in pointless swearing.

Gen Con Preparations

This latest episode sees us heading back to Gen Con. Well, we don’t actually go there, as it’s around five months away and it would be silly and expensive of us to do so at the moment, especially as we have a nice comfortable garden shed to work from.


We’re there in spirit, though.

This is the follow-up we promised way back in Episode 9, where we help you navigate the complexities and pitfalls of attending the USA’s largest gaming convention, as well as offering advice on how to make the best of your time and navigate the non-Euclidian corners of the online booking system.


Artist’s representation of booking system

The discussion takes the form of Scott asking Paul and Matt lots of questions, as it looks like he may actually make it this year. With any luck he asked the questions you would have, especially if these included “Why? Why? Oh dear God, why?” followed by despairing sobs. This discussion also revealed that the peak time for booking accommodation has passed and that this episode really should have gone out a couple of months ago. The details may still be of use, especially if you’re more organised that we are, or if you have the presence of mind to tuck the MP3 somewhere warm until January 2015.