The Good Friends interview Malcolm Craig

10 April, 2014

Jackson Elias

We carried out another video interview yesterday, this time with Malcolm Craig of Contested Ground Studios. We asked Malcolm about his influences in gaming, his experiences with Call of Cthulhu and his thoughts on Lovecraft; his answers were both fascinating and entertaining, and should provide plenty of fuel for discussion and spirited debate.

As usual, we shall strip the audio portion of this to release as a normal podcast next week, for those of you who prefer not to be distracted by our glorious countenances.


Just take the glasses off and everything will be fine.

Malcolm asked us to add a correction. He makes reference to Matt Nixon in his list of influences, and meant to say Matt Wilson. We all like Matt Nixon very much, but we won’t pretend that he wrote Primetime Adventures, no matter how much he asks us.


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4 comments on “The Good Friends interview Malcolm Craig

  1. Steve Dempsey Apr 19, 2014

    What of Sunshine?

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