The Dreams in the Witch House (part 1)

In this latest episode, we discuss Lovecraft’s story, The Dreams in the Witch House. As usual, we talk a bit about the history and content of the story to set up our analysis of how to cannibalise it for gaming. Also as usual, we spent so long waffling that we ran out of time, so the gaming discussion will be in the next episode.

Knock loudly if you want to buy some pottery

Like the Witch House itself, Paul’s shed does strange things to time and space.

We were surprised when revisiting this story just how much of what we think of as the Cthulhu Mythos was born in it. While few people would list The Dreams in the Witch House as one of Lovecraft’s major stories, it deserves more attention than it gets, and you may find yourself transported by the ideas and imagery.


Just make sure to book a return ticket.

The second part of the discussion will be along soon, and will also include discussion of the various adaptations of the story into film, television, cuddly toys and rock opera. No, really.


Rock opera?