This episode we’re speaking about the unspeakable, mentioning the unmentionable and naming the nameless. More particularly, we’re talking about a recently published book that we co-wrote, Nameless Horrors, using this as a starting point for a discussion about the merits and techniques of creating your own unique take on the Mythos.

Nameless Horrors

Here’s one we prepared earlier.

If you’ve played Call of Cthulhu for as long as we have, you can probably spot a Star Vampire without dusting it with the powder of Ibn Ghazi, sniff out the most freshly scrubbed of ghouls and identify what lurks under the Pallid Mask without taking a peek. The Mythos is a rich playground, full of many horrible things for a Keeper to use, but nothing will keep your players on their toes like making new stuff up.


Well, apart from hiding small snakes in their dice pouches.

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