We’re back, and we’re doing our homework. In particular we’re looking at what kinds of research can help GMs and players give their games depth, possible sources of information and how not to lose your mind during the process. OK, we may not be the best people to help with that last item.


Scott’s manuscripts sometimes need a bit of editing.

We’re joined for part of the episode by Bret Kramer, editor of the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion and the Arkham Gazette. Bret’s detailed work on these projects and his background in academia allow him to offer somewhat more substantial tips and insights than our usual “spend five minutes on Wikipedia” approach.


We probably would have spent double that on a project of this scope. That’s what makes us professionals.

We forgot to mention it last time, but we’ve introduced a new segment, named Lovecraftian Word of the Week. We select an unusual word found in Lovecraft’s work, define it, give examples from stories, and then fumblingly try to use it in a sentence. The results are often detestable, which, by a remarkable coincidence, is our word for this episode.


An upcoming Word of the Week will be “week”, which we have redefined to mean “fortnight”.

And we have new Patreon backers, including two who were brave enough to get us to sing their praises! Paul seems to have discovered some new effects to apply to our already eldritch voices. The final result may induce light-headedness, bleeding from orifices and a sickening realisation of the futility of human existence.