We’re breaking normal communication protocols to get this time-sensitive transmission to you before counter intelligence can trace the source. Memorise the contents and burn after listening. The Kickstarter for World War Cthulhu: Cold War, Cubicle 7‘s next setting in the World War Cthulhu line, finishes on Tuesday the 21st of July. Our scheduled transmission would have arrived too late to alert you. Take any action necessary and may God have mercy on all our souls.


In this special episode, Paul acts as interrogator, asking questions about the Cold War, the 1970s and other things he pretends not to be old enough to remember. Scott and Matt sweat under a naked light bulb, spilling secrets about the various books funded by this Kickstarter campaign and what inspired them. We also have a go at brainstorming a World War Cthulhu: Cold War scenario. The one we came up with may be a bit more TPK-ish than most; all the beatings with the rubber hose must have left us in a nihilistic frame of mind.


We will restore our regular programming on the 21st of July, when we wrap up our discussion of The Shadow Out of Time. Until then, check under your bed and pray there is nothing more sinister than a red hiding there.


We’re back — back about 250 million years in the past, to be precise! At least this gives us a chance to take an extended look at Lovecraft’s classic tale of time travel, identity theft and whistling polyps, The Shadow Out of Time. It is a lengthy tale, and we found plenty to say about it, so our discussion is appropriately split over two time periods (although you probably won’t have to wait millions of years for the second part).


We’ve heard that one before.

This episode contains our discussion of the story itself, as well as many complaints from Matt about how long it is. We’ll get around to discussing adaptations and gaming next episode, along with more complaints from Matt. In the meantime, you can enjoy our discussion of alien fascists from beyond time, whether this is a story or an essay, and why it is needlessly confusing to name your child after yourself.


“You humans have peculiar naming protocols,” observed Kzzkzkzzkkzkkzkzkzk.

And we’ve just noticed that Ken Hite has released a Yithian instalment of his Hideous Creatures series. This came too late for us to mention it in the recording, but we’d be remiss not to do so now!