Sister Hell crowdfunding campaign

Sister Hell

If you enjoyed Autumn Harvest, the short Lovecraftian horror film we linked to last week, you may be interested in director Fredrik Hana’s new project. Sister Hell is also a short with Lovecraftian elements, but promises to be stranger and even more transgressive than Autumn Harvest. From the snippets on the campaign website, it seems filled with gore, grotesqueries, degenerate nuns and lashings of blasphemy, which is pretty much all I need for a good night in.

Sister Hell2

Hana is looking to raise $8,000 to finish production on the film. The IndieGoGo campaign, which has just launched, offers a range of cool rewards, including T-shirts, posters, props, producer credits and, of course, access to the film itself. Be warned that the clips included on the campaign video are pretty NSFW, with some nudity and plenty of blood.

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