We’re back, and we’re continuing last episode‘s coverage of Lamentations of the Flame Princess with an interview with James Edward Raggi IV, the man behind the horrors. This was originally meant as a brief insert for the last episode, but we finally seem to have found someone who talks as much as we do. Happily everything we recorded was interesting, and even once we excised the sections usable only as blackmail material there was still enough left for a bumper episode.


We’re talking about much juicier blackmail material than this!

The conversation is discursive and sometimes profane, but you could say that about any given episode. This discussion takes us from the roots of LotFP in heavy metal fandom, through to James’s ideas for making the next edition cleave closer to his vision of weird historical horror, with plenty of odd insights along the way.


Here’s a little eyebleach for you after the last image.

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  1. Something wrong with the mp3 file? Can’t access it.

  2. Sorry, seems to be something on my end. Ignore!

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