We’re back, and we’re taking a whistle-stop tour through what’s new in Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. While we’ve done episodes on some of the new mechanics before, and Paul has recorded a series of videos summarising the 7th edition quick-start rules, we realised that we’d never actually given an overview of what has changed. Given how often this question comes up on various forums, it seems like a major oversight.

Opera Eyes

We’re doing what we can to avoid missing the obvious from now on.

We’re hoping that this will be a relatively timely episode. The latest update from Chaosium, around a fortnight ago, was that the 7th edition books have all been printed and have started their long journeys to Chaosium’s distribution centres in the USA, Australia and Europe. This means that the books should be delivered to backers some time in the spring. Of course, this assumes that the container ships aren’t captured by pirates, subjected to savage meteorological anomalies or, in the case of the Australian shipment, pulled beneath the waters of the Pacific after getting a little too close to R’lyeh.

Call of Cthulhu

Just because your name is on the cover doesn’t mean they’re all yours!

We have recorded a few episodes about how 7th edition came to be, which we’re been saving until the books are in backers’ hands (or whatever organs you use for grasping). Paul is also considering a fresh series of videos covering the main rules. Even so, we are still open to the idea of talking about specific aspects of the game on the podcast, if this is of interest to listeners. Should you have any such requests, please let us know here, via social media or by implanting the thoughts in our brains using ancient and terrible magics.


Or you could place them there more directly.

As we mentioned last week, yesterday was the cut-off for Patreon backers to receive the first issue of The Blasphemous Tome. This led to an overwhelming amount of support on Patreon, which has left us gob-smacked and extremely grateful. We recorded a whole bunch of shout-outs and two sets of sung thanks over the weekend, but Paul hasn’t had time to edit them all yet, so they will appear in episode 74. This also means we may sing three times in that episode. If this doesn’t cause a rift in space and time, allowing our ancient masters to break free and devour humanity, nothing will.