We’re back with the conclusion of our discussion about how Call of Cthulhu 7th edition came about. Once again, we’re joined by Mike Mason, line editor of Call of Cthulhu, who co-authored  7th edition along with our very own Paul Fricker. I’m saying “once again” like we met up again to continue the discussion, but this is really the continuation of the long chat that started in episode 78. We cut it in half because no one in their right mind wants to listen to us natter on for two and a half hours non-stop.


We also wondered if each half would grow into a complete episode, like earthworms are meant to. Or maybe fill our gardens with rich humus. Something like that, anyway.

And again, we should warn you that we recorded these episodes in May of 2015, when our recording equipment was more primitive. At this time, we believed that the printing of 7th edition was imminent, so please try not to judge too harshly if you hear us getting that wrong. Our decision to hold off releasing these episodes until the books were with backers has meant that they have been languishing on Paul’s computer for a year, and we’re happy to finally get the chance to release them. We’re even happier that the books are now in backers’ hands, and will soon be available for retail.

Pulp Cthulhu

And now this beast has crawled up from the depths too! We plan to discuss it in the very near future.

We have a number of new Patreon backers to thank, but with these being old recordings, we shan’t be able to do so until next episode. On the bright side, we will be singing at least twice next time. There may even be percussion, if Paul can work out how to make use of our ill-advised experiments with dice-stuffed improvised maracas.


We’re back… In fact, we’re all the way back to May of 2015. Around a year ago, when we believed the print release of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition was imminent, we spent a day chatting with Mike Mason about how 7th edition had come about, on the assumption we would release the discussion within a month or two. The events that followed now make this seem a little ill-informed.

Mike and Paul at Gencon

Paul and Mike demonstrate how to resolve grapples without using the resistance table

Obviously a lot has changed in the last year, including the shipping dates of the books, the management of Chaosium and all our recording equipment. Our decision to hold off the release of this discussion until the books were in backers’ hands means that some of the references are dated.  Still, the discussion is relevant, and it only seemed right to wait.

Call of Cthulhu

Hey, if Cthulhu can wait for strange aeons, we can manage a year or so.

But the stars are right at last. Backers all over the world have reported strange things turning up on their doorsteps, and so far no one has been shot in the head. In fact, it seemed like everyone was getting their books except for Paul, Matt and Me. We’ve spent the past couple of months following ships via satellite, reading Kickstarter updates and using the DPD website to watch a nice man from named Peter drive around Buckinghamshire. Happily, they turned up yesterday, as if summoned by the imminent release of this episode.

7th ed books

Now there’s the small matter of finding shelf space for them all.

Being old recordings, these are missing some features like the new Ask Jackson segment and shout-outs to our Patreon backers. These will resume as of episode 80, when we make our way back to 2016. Until then, thank you to everyone who has backed us or raised their pledge level recently! We have some singing to do.