The Macabre

It’s been a good year for comedic Lovecraftian short films. As we’ve mentioned before, Greig Johnson and Chris Lackey have produced a number of excellent and funny takes on Lovecraft stories that deserve a lot more attention than they’ve been getting.

In a similar vein, The Macabre from Philip Kreyche mixes Lovecraftian horror and comedy deftly. Rather than taking its inspiration from a Lovecraft story, it instead uses Lovecraft himself as a character, blurring the line between his life and his work. This is a well-observed little film, and Lovecraft fans will find themselves smiling and nodding throughout.

The Macabre also has production values far beyond what I’d expect from a Lovecraftian short. While it may be a little predictable, it is unquestionably funny and entertaining. I hope to see more such work from Mr Kreyche someday!


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