We’re back and we’re touching up our greasepaint, frolicking with wild abandon and preparing for our unspeakable transformation. This episode is our look at Thomas Ligotti’s weird tale The Last Feast of Harlequin. While Ligotti may arguably have written stronger stories, this established his reputation as one of the finest modern writers of weird fiction. More importantly for the interests of the podcast, it is one of the few explicitly Lovecraftian tales he has written.

Main Topic

Ligotti described The Last Feast of Harlequin as the first of his stories that he didn’t want to throw away, an understatement that should qualify Ligotti as an honorary Briton. While his work has become weirder and more idiosyncratic since this story, The Last Feast of Harlequin is an iconic tale, mixing elements of Lovecraft’s The Festival and The Shadow Over Innsmouth into something original and utterly nightmarish. It is a fine introduction to his writing and to his nihilistic world-view. The latter aspect makes The Last Feast of Harlequin especially rich inspiration for Call of Cthulhu. We dissect it enthusiastically in search of juicy morsels we can steal for our games.

In our discussion, we mention a few useful resources for those interested in learning more about Ligotti and his work.


Scott is continuing to run The Two-Headed Serpent for the How We Roll podcast. There is no fixed date for the release yet, but we shall let you know here and on social media when it happens.

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Other Stuff

In our regular social media catch-up segment, we mention the recent thread on Google+ about our Folk Horror episode. This was a particularly lively discussion, so please check it out if you want to learn what’s waiting for you in the hedgerow.

Sure, he looks harmless, until the moment he pulls your wet bits out to replace his rotten stuffing.

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