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The Idol of Cthulhu Kickstarter

Good evening everyone! At the time of writing, the Kickstarter for The Idol of Cthulhu has gone live! I was contacted a little while ago by Delphes Desvoivres – the organizer of the Props of Nyarlathotep (New York & Kenya, London … Continue reading

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Pelgrane Press Limited Editions

Hello everyone, If there’s anyone out there like myself that likes a good Limited Edition, you might be interested to know that Pelgrane Press have opened up a section on their web-store for their remaining Limited Editions (here’s a link for … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Update: May 2017

Hello again everyone! I know it’s not quite May yet, but with only a few hours to go, it’s close enough 😉 Continuing my series of occasional updates (i.e. when I have enough projects to report on!), there’s another couple … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Update (October 2016)

Hello everyone! It’s been a bit quiet on the Cthulhu front for Kickstarters recently (well, at least ones I’ve had funds to back anyway – Deadlands 20th Anniversary saw to that, tempting me with a whiskey box that I’d seen … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Update: April 2016

A little later than planned, but here we are! It’s a new month, and there’s some new Kickstarter projects to back. The first of these, I’ve been looking forward to for a while. The second was worth it to see … Continue reading

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