How We Write Scenarios

We’re back with a new episode, and this one is all about how we write scenarios. Us being us, we come to nothing resembling a consensus. This is probably a good thing, as it offers three different perspectives. More importantly, you can hear us bicker, which is what the show is really about.

No! You research it all before writing the plot!

No! You research before writing the plot!

The discussion wends around finding inspiration, research, preparing notes, different types of scenarios and writing up your work for publication, should you want to enter the highly lucrative world of RPG writing.


RPG writer praying for royalty cheque

Oh, and when you hear the reference to Paul’s flamethrower, this is what we’re talking about.

No, we didn't make this up

The fiery agent of our inevitable destruction


Combat in Call of Cthulhu

We have a new episode out today as a Christmas present to the world. Christmas is a time of peace and goodwill towards all men, which can only mean that it’s time for us to talk about violence.


All the colours of Christmas

This episode is our discussion of combat in Call of Cthulhu, especially some of the changes in 7th edition. We also talk about our preferences for how to handle combat, and how important we think it is in our games. You will be shocked to hear that we disagree with each other.

We have developed ways of resolving our differences

Happily, we have developed ways of resolving our differences

This also marks the start of our move to fortnightly releases. Yes, that means that the episode should have been out yesterday, but since Matt forced Paul to reintroduce Attract Fish to Call of Cthulhu, Paul’s Dropbox account has been clogged up with sprat and whiting.



We’ve broken with our usual schedule to bring you a special episode about Cubicle 7‘s Cthulhu Britannica London boxed set Kickstarter. There is less than a week to go before the campaign finishes, so we couldn’t wait until Tuesday!



If you saw the video interview we did yesterday with Dominic McDowell, Jon Hodgson and Andrew Kenrick, this is simply the audio portion for people who prefer not to see our faces while we talk. We do understand. Scott doesn’t even look in the mirror when he shaves.


The audio quality is variable on this episode, as we recorded it over the Internet. There are some echoes, as well as delays, which led to people talking over each other on occasion (such as when Andrew Kenrick introduces himself).