Top 3 Call of Cthulhu Spells

This episode we take a look at our favourite spells from Call of Cthulhu and talk about just how you can use them to destroy your campaign, or maybe just bring in a few complications. Mostly destroy, though.


Not with a bang or a whimper — more of a whooshing, crackling sound, really

As is our wont when we do these kinds of episodes, we each choose three of our favourite spells from Mythos grimoires and ramble on about them until one of the others tells us to shut up.

For the first time, we actually managed to step on each other’s toes with our selections, so you can thrill to the excitement of Paul and Scott swearing at Matt, the stealer of spells.

And even more swearing when Matt mentions the most forbidden of all Mythos magics!

And even more swearing from Paul when Matt mentions the most forbidden of all Mythos magics!

The Haunter of the Dark (part 2)

This week’s episode is the conclusion of our discussion about Lovecraft’s The Haunter of the Dark. All that stuff we promised about looking at it from a gaming perspective — that’s in this episode. Sorry it took us so long to get here. We just don’t know when to shut up.

pickman 3

Exposure to Shining Trapezohedron made us babble incoherently. Either that or caffeine.

Be warned that this episode contains many, many spoilers for the Call of Cthulhu scenario The Crystal of Chaos from The House of R’lyeh (or Different Worlds 34, if you’re old like me) and some pretty spoiler-free discussion of Unseen Masters. It also contains sinister hints and secrets that the human mind was never meant to contain, and thus the seeds of creeping madness and your ultimate destruction. You know, the usual.


The Haunter of the Dark (part 1)

This week we talk about HP Lovecraft’s final story, The Haunter of the Dark. In particular, we look at it with a gamer’s eye (we’ll put it back when we’re done), breaking down various aspects and discussing how they can be used in games. There’s not much in the way of literary analysis — we leave that to the far better qualified HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast.


Three-lobed burning eye not included

Well, we actually get to most of the gaming discussion next episode — we found so much to say that we’ve split the episode in two, and this part covers The Haunter of the Dark and the two related Robert Bloch stories, The Shambler from the Stars and The Shadow from the Steeple. All three stories are published in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, or you can find the two Bloch stories in Mysteries of the Worm.

You may notice an improvement in sound quality. This is the first recording with our shiny new Blue Yeti microphone, and it sounds much better to us.


The Cthulhu Mythos Skill

This week we discuss the Cthulhu Mythos skill in Call of Cthulhu: what it represents, how it works mechanically and what is new about it in 7th edition. The discussion is thoroughly unwholesome and touches upon many repellent and forbidden secrets. Matt is a bad influence when it comes to poking our noses into things man was not meant to know.

1D4 SAN loss with every sip

1D4 SAN loss with every sip

Leave your sanity at the door and come and join us as we listen to the whispers from between the stars. With any luck there will be fewer of those next week, once we start recording with the new microphone.