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Snuffing Out the Flames of Hope

Scott has written a piece over on the Cubicle 7 site explaining how he came to World War Cthulhu. He discusses the tone of the game and how that will be continued as the range expands. Read the article here.

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Essential Guide to Living Lovecraft

Came across an interesting article about Lovecraft and some of his locations. The article has some wonderful photographs that are well worth a look. Essential Guide to Living Lovecraft.

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How watching The Vampire Diaries can make you a better GM

When I first read about it, I dismissed the television series The Vampire Diaries as very much not aimed at me. It sounded like a teen drama that was cashing in on the success of Twilight (which, to be fair, … Continue reading

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Goin’ Down to Dunwich

When I write scenarios set in real places, I tend to research them quite thoroughly to avoid cries of “the town hall’s really on X street” or “that building burned down 10 years before your scenario is set”, etc. Where … Continue reading

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On my mother’s third birthday

Robert E. Howard shot himself. Today my mother is 80 years of age. 77 years ago, on June 11th 1936 Robert E. Howard put a bullet through his own head on hearing of the death of his mother (or near … Continue reading

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