We spend this week’s episode in search of the weird. To be precise, we each select three of our favourite weird films and talk about them. Some of the choices may be what you expect (although we avoided Cronenberg, having devoted a show to him before), some may surprise you and some will probably make you think less of us as human beings.


Human being pictured on the right, for reference

Up till now, we’ve used the explicit tag on iTunes as a way to save Paul having to bleep out all Scott’s swearing (and save his energy for censoring mentions of A*****t F**h), but we really earn it this episode. One of the films is decidedly pornographic, and we don’t shy away from discussing details. Be warned.

Ha! Managed to get another fish reference in

Ha! Managed to get another fish reference in

Scott mentions the old Scala Cinema in Kings Cross, London, and the wonderful printed programmes they used to issue to members. Here’s a picture of one of them to give you some context.

These programmes were poster-sized works of art

These programmes were poster-sized works of art

As usual, we didn’t tell each other what our choices were ahead of time, and we actually managed to avoid any duplication. If you want the films to come as a surprise to you too, look away now.

We warned you to look away

We warned you to look away




We have a new episode out today as a Christmas present to the world. Christmas is a time of peace and goodwill towards all men, which can only mean that it’s time for us to talk about violence.


All the colours of Christmas

This episode is our discussion of combat in Call of Cthulhu, especially some of the changes in 7th edition. We also talk about our preferences for how to handle combat, and how important we think it is in our games. You will be shocked to hear that we disagree with each other.

We have developed ways of resolving our differences

Happily, we have developed ways of resolving our differences

This also marks the start of our move to fortnightly releases. Yes, that means that the episode should have been out yesterday, but since Matt forced Paul to reintroduce Attract Fish to Call of Cthulhu, Paul’s Dropbox account has been clogged up with sprat and whiting.

We’ve broken with our usual schedule to bring you a special episode about Cubicle 7‘s Cthulhu Britannica London boxed set Kickstarter. There is less than a week to go before the campaign finishes, so we couldn’t wait until Tuesday!


If you saw the video interview (YT: The Good Friends of Jackson Elias interview Cubicle 7)

we did yesterday with Dominic McDowell, Jon Hodgson and Andrew Kenrick, this is simply the audio portion for people who prefer not to see our faces while we talk. We do understand. Scott doesn’t even look in the mirror when he shaves.


The audio quality is variable on this episode, as we recorded it over the Internet. There are some echoes, as well as delays, which led to people talking over each other on occasion (such as when Andrew Kenrick introduces himself).

This week’s episode demonstrates that we haven’t run out of things to say about magic in Call of Cthulhu. Really, this is the episode we should have started with, as it is an in-depth discussion of the magic rules in 7th edition. Maybe we should try some of this magic stuff for real to see if we can send it back in time.



We also go on about the use of magic in Call of Cthulhu games, including whether investigators should use spells habitually and how well the game reflects the source material. You will be shocked to hear that we have opinions, often strong and divergent.

This is the last episode in which we'll go on about Attract Fish. Probably. Sorry, Bret!

This is the last episode in which we’ll mention A*****t F**h. Probably. Sorry, Bret!

This week we take a look at what was arguably Lovecraft’s first major story, The Rats in the Walls. As we did with our discussion of The Haunter of the Dark, we try to find ways that it can inform your Call of Cthulhu game, but mostly we get embarrassed about the name of that bloody cat. Unlike our previous discussion, we managed to keep this to a single episode, possibly helped by the fact that we don’t go on about two other stories as well.


There aren’t actually any rats in The Rats in the Walls, but this picture was too cute not to use

We also maintain our tradition of complaining about the temperature in the shed. Well, Paul and Matt do. Scott has the same contempt for cold as he does for heat. Paul has resorted to wearing a woolly hat when we record, and here’s a photograph to help you understand and share our mirth.


At least this way we don’t have to edit the chattering of teeth out of the recording