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Pelgrane Press Limited Editions

Hello everyone, If there’s anyone out there like myself that likes a good Limited Edition, you might be interested to know that Pelgrane Press have opened up a section on their web-store for their remaining Limited Editions (here’s a link for … Continue reading

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The Blasphemous Tome issue 1 is in the post

Matt, Paul and I spent last Thursday evening stuffing and addressing envelopes, and Paul popped most of the 100-odd copies of The Blasphemous Tome in the post on Friday. We’ve heard that they have started turning up in people’s homes, or at … Continue reading

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Current Cthulhu Kickstarters

I’ve been hitting Kickstarter again recently (I know, “shock-horror!” I can hear you saying) and have found a few more projects featuring Cthulhu goodies. The first one I couldn’t resist mentioning is The Writhing Dark: Extended Edition At the time … Continue reading

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Mysterious Packages from the Land of Kickstarter

Yesterday, I arrived home to find a mysterious package awaiting for me… To be fair, this isn’t a rare occurrence for me, given I do a LOT of my shopping online. Part of me feels sorry for the poor postman … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

This is one I made a few years back! When I was a kid Halloween passed without mention. I like that it’s become an event nowadays. As a horror fan it feels like a celebration of the genre. I listened … Continue reading

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