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    8 comments on “Contact Us

    1. CthulhuBob Dec 24, 2019

      Is there a mailing address to which I can send you guys holiday cards?

    2. Samuel Jan 5, 2021

      Hi, i’m french so i’m sorry about my weird english. I would ask if you have an email adress for professionals purpose to contact you ? Specially with Scott. Thanks you

    3. Sean Hickey May 20, 2022

      Why won’t you accept emails?

    4. phil sidebotham Jul 28, 2022

      enjoyed your recent episode on Gla’aki. I am running a Severn Valley campaign. My return to role playing after 20 years was to run Amidst the Ancient trees. Didn’t realise Mat had written it. It was a great starting scenario for me and my players. I transposed it to modern day Severn Valley with the lake being in the middle of Goatswood forest and servants of Gla’aki being WWI soldiers I chose the Severn Valley setting because my players whilst familiar with Lovecraft were not so with Ramsey Campbell. I have a PDF of the Goats wood supplement from the 1990s and intend to run the Gla’aki scenrio in there at some point for my payers. Glaaki and its revelations have become something of a recurring theme for them with one of them already having lost quite a bit of sanity on looking at just one volume . In fact I only have to mention the tome now and a shudder of recognition runs through the players. ‘ A re- match with the spiney one should be fun. I do really like Ramsey Cambell’s fiction. One of my favorites is midnight sun very lovecraftian .the last Revelaton of Gla’ki is on my to read list. looking forward to next weeks episode on the actual tome itself , in all its various volumes.