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United States2017-02-275BhdhjwjeeiOutstanding ShowTruely insightful show, full of great discussions, cthuloid updates, and entertaining content. One of the best RPG podcasts out there.
United States2016-12-285anthologosGentlemen gamers (and tipplers)The Good Friends are very clever gamers and writers of grand wit and humour. Neither autistic savants droningly correcting the harmless solecisms of fellow players 'round the table, nor shrill poltergeists hurling ghastly pebbles of polemic, they are gentlemen who balance erudition and enthusiasm, and their long-forged camaraderie is genuine and warm. Their friendship makes for repartee that is very easy to listen to. Even if you are not a Cthulhu gamer, you will love listening over these good friends’ shoulders. Scott Dorward, who of the three perhaps maintains the most active online presence, deserves special kudos for being the rare gamer whose forum persona is helpful, intelligent, and keen, rather than insufferable. Check him out on their own forum, blasphemoustomes.com or on reddit gaming fora. TL:DR…love the podcast, listen multiple times. Great, great stuff!
United Kingdom2016-12-245cloudb64Sanity saving sage adviceAs someone returning to role playing after too many years away to admit to, I have found this podcast a mine of useful advice. Though primarily focused on Call of Cthulhu, there is much that would help a games-master of any system. Not only that, the guys manage to share their knowledge in a highly listenable and entertaining manner. The only thing that bugs me is, just what is that haunting theme song? Top marks, keep up the good work, it is appreciated.
United States2016-12-164darklamentAwesome overallEXCEPT for one important episode - #23, the one about combat. You all spend over half the podcast talking about how much you don’t like combat in CoC & then you kinda talk about how the new combat system works. It would be good if we actually would get an in-depth play through of how combat work, because a lot of use DO enjoy the occasional dust-up :). Other then that I LOVE this podcast! Love to hear for creators.
United Kingdom2016-09-07537DavenportA brilliant podcastA Tremendous podcast. The hosts are all veterans of the Roleplaying game call of cthulhu, writing large amounts for the game and other horror games. All of them know what they're talking about when it Comes to roleplaying. They have a tone of semi-casual Tone that really Fits the show. In the show they discuss everything from horror films to the development of roleplaying Scenarios. Hearty recommendations to all people whom like not just horror, but roleplaying in general.
United States2016-06-205Cpt-SafetyExcellent!One of the best podcasts out there! It doesn't hurt that you guys talk about one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Love the sort of "inside looks" and insights of the writers. Thank you!
Australia2016-06-105Jonty69Call of Cthulhu at its bestThe Good Friends is one of the best tabletop gaming podcasts that I have discovered, of any genre, and really support my love of horror, and especially Cthulhu, gaming. I have learnt about several new fun to play systems by listening to these chaps as well. Their love and knowledge of Call of Cthulhu and Lovecrafian works is exemplary (helped by the fact the two of them are involved in 7th ed CofC). This is one of a few podcasts that I look forward to listening to each and every week, and I recommend this podcast to tabletop gamers and fans of suspense horror alike.
United Kingdom2016-03-195MartinOrwellBeautifully put together LovecraftianniaA horror/gaming/Lovecraft podcast delivered lightly by some true heavy weights in the Lovecraft world. All three hosts are high level Call of Cthulhu/Lovecraft horror game developers and GMs, and each episode is well reserached and entertainingly delivered. If you've ever played Call of Cthulhu, read Lovecraft, love horror films, or are simply into horror in any form, this podcast is well worth a listen 😀
United Kingdom2016-03-155Dirk the DiceThanks for the fishI’m currently on my second loop of listening to these wonderfully rich and absorbing podcasts, so much so, that my internal monologue has adopted the humms, harrs and guttural grunts of the hosts. The established format works really well, with it’s combination of Lovecraft studies, light-hearted banter and wide appreciation of the horror genre. My personal favourite is the episodes featuring the Lamentations of the Flame Princess, which is contextualised in the history of the hobby perfectly. I’ve also enjoyed their occasional demonstration of the 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu rules. Entertaining. Informative. What more do you need, other than 5000 kippers?
United Kingdom2016-02-045rcaugustQuite possibly my favourite podcast...The best podcasts make you feel as though you're sat at the same table as the hosts, not able to contribute to the conversation perhaps, but nodding along and laughing at the jokes. In practice, this of course can make you look insane on the bus, but the feeling of being involved is one I look for in those podcasts which make my vaunted 'favourites list'. The Good Friends of Jackson Elias manage this in every episode, being often funny, imaginative and, despite an impressive list of professional credits, never make claim to authority or insist on 'laying down the law'. Its basically like listening to a pub chat, in the best way possible. Lovely stuff.
United Kingdom2015-11-275MawdrigenExcellent cthulhoid musingsAn excellent podcast examining the vigintillion myriad eldritch things connected with and connected to the Cthulhu mythos. I love the mythos word of the week, and their deeper looks into stories of the mythos. Excellent for when thinking of ideas to set on your players!
United Kingdom2015-10-225CplwilksA Great Podcast!I'd love to insert some witty review here full of puns but I'm not that linguistic - I'm just gonna say if you're a fan of Lovecraft, Horror Gaming or films this is a great podcast. The banter between the three hosts is fantastic and I eagerly anticipate every episode. I've yet to hear a 'boring' episode and have been pointed to numerous new things be it games or movies. My only complaint would be fish - the show could do with more fish
United States2015-10-165cthulhu-fhtagnGood friends indeedThe Good Friends present a fun take on horror gaming, movies, and literature and apply whatever they discuss to gaming in the Cthulhu Mythos. The audio quality improves quite a bit in more recent episodes - perhaps because they no longer record in a potting shed - but even when the audio isn't the best, the content is always excellent.
United States2015-09-035BobDrBobThe Good Friends of Jackson EliasExcellent. If you are a fan of horror RPGs, this is a good choice. If you're a Call of Cthulhu RPG fan, this is virtually a must. The hosts are knowledgeable and have a wonderful give-and-take in their in-depth discussions. I thought I couldn't handle yet another podcast, but after one episode, I made room in my podcast rotation. Check this one out!
United States2015-09-035Triceratops BobThe Good Friends of Jackson EliasExcellent. If you are a fan of horror RPGs, this is a good choice. If you're a Call of Cthulhu RPG fan, this is virtually a must. The hosts are knowledgeable and have a wonderful give-and-take in their in-depth discussions. I thought I couldn't handle yet another podcast, but after one episode, I made room in my podcast rotation. Check this one out!
Australia2015-08-314Danial79Fun podcast... but not for the whole familyI discovered The Good Friends of Jackson Elias through their YouTube channel while searching for Call of Cthulhu (RPG) information. Their episodes on that were quite good, however, they were also quite hard to find as the episode titles are pretty vague, as are the descriptions. You have to click the link to their website to really figure out what most episodes are about, which is pretty annoying. For the most part, the episodes are humorous and light-hearted, and I would love to listen with my kids if it wasn't for the occasional gratuitous expletive. All in all, a great podcast that I would highly recommend if you're a fan of Call of Cthulhu or Lovecraft.
Canada2015-08-285jprangerGreat Podcast! Thanks for your hard work!This is a great podcast about Call of Cthulhu RPG. The three hosts are writers for Chaosium and for other games, so they really know what they are talking about. Since they were all involved with developing the 7th edition rules, it is interesting to hear some of the reasoning for the changes. Keep up the good work, gentlemen!
United Kingdom2015-08-145Keeper AntDefinitely squamous, pototentially rugoseWith great age comes great wisdom they say. Who say? People of great age usually. In the case of this podcast I would say age and wisdom walk hand in hand. From the dawn of the Days of Cthulhu and down through countless aeons to the here and now, arcane knowledge is dispensed and discussed. Knowledge of the Mythos, as well as more common horrors, is the meat and drink that our disturbingly cheery narators feast upon. If esoteric gaming, film and televisual awakening is your goal, then chant the spell to open the portal. If you fear the Nameless starry wisdom and the awful realisation it brings then seek elsewhere ... Also contains lots of humour, some swearing and occasional barbershop .. you have been warned.
United Kingdom2015-05-265Mase EscasiSAN-bustingly GoodIn their shed at Milton Keynes, three dreamers lay recording… Deformed, unattractive albino men – snog, marry, or avoid, you choose – these old dears are given to wandering amid the new town’s cosmic roundabouts, trying to read the great odorous books which they have inherited through four decades of roleplaying. Gorgons, hydras and chimeras, dire stories of the concrete cow; they are transcripts, types. The archetypes are in us, and eternal. No cream for me, thanks.
United States2015-05-265eddypo68Horrifying and educational.To be honest, I didn't care for this podcast when it first launched. It wasn't terrible, but I think it lacked enough polish to keep me engaged and stay on my feed. THAT, I'm pleased to report, has all changed. I gave it another try and I'm glad I did. This show and its hosts both educate and horrify me. I'm hooked like Attract Fish gone wrong!
United States2015-05-255Keeper Chad#AttractGoodPodcastsThis is one of the best gaming podcasts available. The hosts are knowledgeable and entertaining, represent a range of views and tastes, and together they generate excellent ideas. If you play horror RPGs, you’ll get a lot out of these episodes. All three hosts are experienced writers and editors for Call of Cthulhu and other games, so coverage of the topic is informed and valuable.
United States2015-05-255fox01313Horror genre podcasting gemI originally started listening to this podcast with the Call of Cthulhu rpg & happy ever since first turning it on. Great discussions from the hosts & guests on horror in games as well as movies & fiction. Highly recommended!
United Kingdom2014-10-015Burb1456Awesome podcastWell done for this podcast and an awesome crew. Have read a lot of Matts stuff and he is really re-invigorating roleplaying across many genres. Keep up the fine work I and many others will be listening.
United States2014-09-065caddy1071Always delightful to hear TGFoJEExcellent podcast with great discussion of horror gaming and inspiration with incredibly knowledgeable and entertaining hosts. They have a great chemistry that always brings a smile to your face whether talking about cosmic insanities or ritualistic murder enabling the return of the Old Ones. These gentlemen put on a great show.
United Kingdom2014-07-195dragonsleeveThe Good Friends of Jackson EliasI can't believe this show has no reviews. A cracking, informative and leisurely show, with a nice group of friends, devoted to Lovecraft and gaming. Ace stuff!
United States2014-04-215Sam StampsWonderful to here from that side of the pondLove hearing from our friends on the right side of the pond. You guys are great.
United States2014-04-185WellMustachioedOccasional podcast, always great!Paul, Matt and Scott have lively conversations mostly about Call of Cthulhu. Or Hot War. Or horror movies. Or Attract Fish.