The Blasphemous Tome

Once a year, we produce a fanzine for backers of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias.

Articles include gaming inspiration, film reviews, detailed looks at books we have discussed and the occasional behind-the-scenes peek at the podcast. You will also find a number of submissions from our talented listeners, including some striking and unsettling artwork.

Each issue also features a previously unpublished scenario. As of issue 3, Chaosium have granted us a license, allowing us to include content specifically for Call of Cthulhu.

The Blasphemous Tome is our attempt to recapture the spirit of gaming ‘zines of the 1980s, staples, wonky layout and all. For maximum verisimilitude, we make Matt use Courier for the body text, even though this makes him cry. Some of the paste marks on the pages may actually be tear stains.

We tailor the print run to the number of subscribers we have at the time of release. This is designed to be an exclusive reward, so we do not sell back issues.

The Tome only exists in a physical form. There were no PDFs in the 1980s. They were dark times.

Whenever we release a new issue, we send at least one copy to everyone backing us at the time of release. The details are:

  • $1 backers will receive one copy
  • $3 backers will receive one signed copy
  • $5 backers will receive two copies, one signed

We aim to send the Tome out at the end of the year, along with our Christmas cards.

To make sure that you receive your copy of the next issue, simply back us at the time of release. Our page about sponsoring the podcast contains instructions on how to do this, along with details of other backer rewards.