This week we put down the dice and talk about films instead. Specifically, we each choose the five films we found most frightening and then ramble on about them for a while. Even once Paul cut most of the digressions (including a section on Eden Lake, which probably should have been on my list), we still had an hour of this.

These aren’t necessarily our favourite horror movies (some of them aren’t horror movies at all, and at least one is unlikely to be anyone’s favourite), but they are the films that scared us most when we watched them.

Frying Tonight!

Frying Tonight!

There are a few spoilers, but we avoided them for any film made in the last ten years. Matt did complain about us spoiling one film until we pointed out that it is older than he is.

Speaking of spoilers, the films we chose are listed below, along with IMDB links. If you would prefer not to know what they are before you listen to the episode, look away now.

I warned you not to look

I warned you not to look




Happy listening, and try not to have nightmares. Especially not about Torgo’s knees.

The scariest thing about this movie

The scariest thing about this movie

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4 comments on “Top 5 Scary Films

  1. Matt Nott (The other Matt) Jul 12, 2013

    Enjoyed this episode. Few faviotes of mine there.

    Even to this day still cant watch event horizion. Just really unsettled me. Thought I was the only person that had seen “Come and see” great movie.

    Few recommendations there I will have to look at but think I will avoid “Martyrs” sound a bit to gory for me

    My personal top five (Avoiding ones already mentioned)
    1. “Alien” Classic film
    2. “ils” trans “Them” French horror film by David Moreau
    3. “[Rec]” Excellant suspencesful Spanish shaky camera horror.
    4. “The Mist” Not so much the mosters but the human horror in the supermarket.
    5. “Jaws” scared me silly when I first saw it as a child still make me jump now.

  2. Thanks for posting some comments Other-Matt (!). I like your list a lot. Yes – the human interactions in the supermarket are truly scary (The Mist): “Bring me the child!”

  3. Pretty much every time you guys mention a movie in an episode, I track it down and give it a watch. And I’ve found some absolute gems by following your advice. So, any chance of revisiting a “favourite horror movies” list in future? Almost five years have passed since this episode was recorded, so maybe time for a refresher? 🙂

    After all, you do say: “These aren’t necessarily our favourite horror movies.” So, go on then, which are your favourites?

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