The Good Friends go to pot

27 June, 2013

Our State-of-the-Art Recording Studio

We were recording this evening, so I decided to take a few photographs to prove that we really do sit around in a pottery shed.

The shed in question

The shed in question

It’s pretty comfortable on summer evenings like today, as it’s warm (by British standards, so still pretty cold, really) and bright (again, adjust for Britishness).

Just interrupt us if you want to buy some pottery

The inside of the shed is a bit cramped, but we somehow manage to wedge ourselves between the pots, wheel and highly combustible gas cylinders. We try to avoid naked flames as it is difficult enough balancing the recording levels without factoring in explosions.

Paul hard at work on a screen saver

Matt watches as Paul studies a screen saver

Happily the shed is solid enough to block out the sound of the traffic on the A421, which is about 100 yards away, otherwise we might have to pay royalties to passing drivers.

Tonight's episode is brought to you by large glasses of white Russian.

Tonight’s episode is brought to you by large quantities of white Russians.

Farewell from the Buckingham Pottery, and happy listening!

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