Ways to be a better roleplayer

8 July, 2013

So many articles have been written on the subject of how to be a better gamesmaster, but not enough are written for how to be a better player. This article addresses the topic head-on. It’s written for D&D but is largely transferable.

The first 4 points are great. Oh and I’d happily pay money to sponsor point 7.

It’s hard not to agree with point 5 (Don’t harm other players) – no one wants an actual fight at the table! However one player character attacking another has occurred many times in my games. Perhaps this is easier in Call of Cthulhu as (i) the players don’t expect their investigators to live long lives, and (ii) player characters don’t tend to acquire great power. Compare this to D&D in which characters tend to build up to heroic stature and power, and acquire many powerful items and treasure. Losing a high level D&D character is a blow, and I can see that having one killed by another player character could easily cause bad feeling.

Point 8 looks at avoiding causing offence to other players which I agree with, but the avoidance of all sex in stories seems a little draconian, and wouldn’t suit Monsterhearts or some Cthulhu scenarios.

I recommend this article to the house.


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