Ia! Ia! Fashion Fhtagn!

10 July, 2013


I think I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who has met me in person at a convention or at any other time will be able to testify that I am almost always found in a suit, or at least shirt and tie. I have a pretty formal wardrobe – and I only own about three t-shirts, which I don’t wear very often.

Unsurprisingly, two out of those three t-shirts have Cthulhu overtones (one bearing a Yellow Sign, the other an illustration of Nyarlathotep)… and the third is about Dr Zoidberg, so it isn’t a million miles away from the Great Old One! However, if I was to add something a little more informal to my wardrobe, I think it might look a little like this.

I discovered this originally on eBay when running through one of my regular searches for Cthulhu paraphernalia and subsequently found an etsy page for more items in the designers range. I think it’s worth a look!


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