Paul @ Gencon Day 2

16 August, 2013

OK, here I am at Gencon, Indianapolis with 40,000 other gamers.

Arrived on Tuesday after a bumpy flight into JFK. Luckily no one lost their lunch during landing. Time was passed watching Olympus has Fallen; you know I’m not sure that’s a true story. Gerard Butler was a lot of fun in that. Tuesday wrapped up at Buco’s and italian restaurant that serves family size portions.

Wednesday I helped setting up the Chaosium booth, no.501. Remember, 501, like the jeans. I need to stop saying that. I added, “like the jeans’ in to a conversation with some guy yesterday as we were parting. Then I realised that might be taken two ways. Oh well.
By lunchtime we were collecting convention passes and it felt like Gencon; big queues filled with role-players and people in costume. Great! And this year I have an Exhibitor pass, it’s like being able to go backstage, though not quite so rock’n’roll. Wednesday’s lunch at the RAM was cool, the whole place is themed to fit Gencon as is the menu. I had a Bog Trog Burger which I can report was proper tasty and featured blue cheese.

Thursday and it’s game on! I wait for my players in the Hilton lobby and gather then up to my room. Fortunately the room Mike and I have has a separate lounge at the end with plenty of seats, providing a nice place to game. I ran the first of my two Kickstarter games there. My scenario is entitled The Moonchild. It was a fun session after which I had to run to get in to a Firefly game with Pedro. Pedro is the author of Mythic Iceland and another Chaosium stalwart.
Thursday evening was the Kickstarter dinner with Sandy Petersen. This was my first experience of St.Elmo’s steakhouse. If you’ve never been then you’re missing out on something. They only do one starter; shrimp cocktail with a horseradish sauce. If you’ve ever had strong horseradish or wasabi then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that was almost a terminal experience! Sandy was on form and arrived with a couple of his wonderful Cthulhu Wars minis in hand.

It’s now Friday and here I sit at lunchtime… this is lunchtime right? I find myself not even being sure what day it is most of the time here. I ran Moonchild a second time this morning for another group and we had a lot of fun and numerous deaths. Mike’s now taken over and is running his game as I type. In a few minutes I’ll be off to the trade hall again.

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