Paul @ Gencon Sunday

18 August, 2013

Seems like it’s going to last forever and before you know it Sunday is here!

Saturday was spent in the trade hall for the most part, with my time divided between the Chaosium stand and wandering the aisles. Spoke to a lot of people about 7th edition, Orient Express and various other Chaosium goodies.

Sandy Petersen was busy demonstrating his new game, Cthulhu Wars, at the end of the Chaosium stand and I got to play in one game. I played the ‘Black Goat’ faction. It really is a fun game and I almost won, well, I came fourth. Yeah, OK, so there were only four players. The game lasted a little over an hour and at the end of it I was ready to play again, so that’s promising. Sandy has a whole bunch of resin miniatures that look wonderful. The humans are around 25mm, whilst Cthulhu himself must be 200mm+. Each faction has it’s own unique powers and goals. Sandy takes careful note of every game and how it plays. Apparently the humans can win, but have only done so twice in a thousand games. Humans aren’t a faction, I think the humans win if the players force a game ending with none of them actually fulfilling their winning criteria.

Strolling around the trade hall I was pleased to meet Sage LaTorra, one of the authors of Dungeon World. Also with Chris Birch to chat about Achtung Cthulhu.

3pm was time for the costume parade, some amazing costumes – photos will follow when I get home.

Saturday evening we were back to St Elmo’s for the Orient Express Dinner. Great to meet more of the Kickstarter backers; great food and great company.

Final day today. More time to spend on the Chaosium stand and hopefully I’ll make it around the rest of the aisles that I missed yesterday!

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