In the latest episode, Paul and Matt talk about their visit to Gen Con while Scott tries to kill them with his mind.


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We discuss new releases in Lovecraftian gaming, the cool games that Matt and Paul got to run and play, the wonderful steak restaurants in the area and exactly how much Scott hates the other two.


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4 comments on “Gen Con 2013 Review

  1. raildave Oct 17, 2013

    During this Podcast Paul & Matt mention a game which I am very familiar with as I played it many times. Cards Against Humanity…and one of them mentioned (can’t remember whom…that they wanted to pick it up but that the table was sold out of the game. Did any of you ever pick it up? If not I can have the game shipped to Scott. Please let me know as I bet Scott would enjoy playing that.

  2. Paul Lawrence Mar 12, 2014

    Miles late to the party here, as I am catching up with your podcasts in random order. The motorbikes you mention in the podcast would have been due to the Moto GP being at the Brickyard in Indianapolis. I have just checked, and the attendance was over 60,000 on the actual Sunday, with 136,000 spectators over the weekend for the Friday practice and the Saturday Qualifiers. Obviously you guys knew that right… 😉 I would guess that some folk combine both events, I certainly would. Anyway, yet again, insightful talk about the con, cheers guys!

  3. Kind of dwarfs Gencon doesn’t it! Having seen the two crowds I don’t think there’s a big overlap, but I’m sure there would be some. As I think I said in the show, I love seeing (and hearing) the bikes.

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