Happy Halloween Everyone!

31 October, 2013


This is one I made a few years back!

When I was a kid Halloween passed without mention. I like that it’s become an event nowadays. As a horror fan it feels like a celebration of the genre.

I listened to an article on PM as I drove home from Oxford yesterday. They discussed Halloween in all its incarnations, from the ancient Celts, to the Romans, to how it was when we were kids, to today. It’s forever changing and the rituals in a hundred years will be different again.

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2 comments on “Happy Halloween Everyone!

  1. Happy Halloween. Today is a good day to watch one of the 31 films Scott reviewed. Lets summon a Great Old One tonight.

    • I did try to summon a Great Old One, but all I ended up with was a half-dozen halibut. Paul’s efforts to save us from the horrors of Attract Fish have failed!

      At least the cats are happy.

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