The Good Friends shift down a gear

17 December, 2013

Jackson Elias

The Good Friends of Jackson Elias podcast is switching to a fortnightly schedule. This is partly because the three of us have so much work on at the moment that it’s hard finding the time to get together every week, and partly because we’ve been putting out so many episodes that we’re a bit worried about burning out.

We’ll try to use the extra time to concentrate a bit more on quality over quantity (although Scott will continue to say “um” a maddening number of times per episode).

The next episode will be out on the 24th of December. We will embrace the Christmas spirit by talking about violence.

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3 comments on “The Good Friends shift down a gear

  1. will it then be at least an Hour long episode? 😉

  2. This is why my own podcast only happens once a month. I see Ken and Robin and I wonder how they manage…

  3. I was chiefly concerned with overloading the audience. I listen to a number of podcasts and some put out more than I manage to listen to in a week, then I get a backlog and I end up missing shows. I’m sure that’s not an issue for everyone of course.

    Also, I see most shows coming to a natural end at some point. Yog Radio, Have Games will Travel, etc. I guess the Good Friends may well have a finite number of episodes and I’d rather relax a little and put a bit more time into them rather than churning them out too quick.

    When we started I had doubts that we’d ever be more than a few occasional episodes, which is why I introduce the show the way I do. In fact one week I changed my intro and left out the word ‘occasional’ and threw Scott so badly we had to start again!

    Have a great Christmas everyone – Paul

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