The episode now departing from platform 4 is the delayed discussion of Horror on the Orient Express, calling at recaps, anecdotes, spoilers and updated content. First class material will be found throughout this episode. The journey time will be approximately two hours.

All aboard!

All aboard!

The discussion is a round-table between various members of the Milton Keynes Roleplaying Club, who have been playing Horror on the Orient Express since before Scott got his first grey hair. The campaign was a playtest of both new material developed for the Kickstarter-funded revamp and the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition rules themselves, so you will hear lots of insights into both. You will also hear more spoilers for the campaign than you thought possible. Seriously, if you haven’t played Horror on the Orient Express and ever plan to, this is not the episode for you. Go back and listen to more wholesome discussions, such as our exploration of the love that can only exist between man and gorilla.


Any excuse to use this picture again!

The passengers on the train were Amy, Arthur, Dominic, Jef (absent), Matt S, Paul F and Paul W (also absent), and the conductor was Matt Nott. Scott wasn’t involved in the game, so he got to ask all the questions. We recorded the discussion at York House, where the game took place, which has somewhat more echo than Paul’s shed. There was also a spirited Pathfinder game taking place in the next room, the squeals from which sometimes permeated the connecting door. Despite all this, you should still be able to follow the discussion at least as well as Scott did.

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