The GenCon 2014 Schedule

10 May, 2014

Ahead of the next round of “fastest finger first” (a.k.a. Event Registration) for GenCon 2014, the Events Database went live to the public last night. As such, given I was up late last night (it went live at 9pm EST on May 9th, meaning it was 2am May 10th here in the “sunny” UK) I went in to take a look and plot out my schedule.

It’s been a pretty tough choice this year with so many good games on offer (especially on the Friday night, where three games I wanted to play in all clashed at the same time) but I think I’ve got my schedule set now. Admittedly, this is if I manage to bag the spaces I’d like in time. Definitely need to be poised over my laptop on May 18th ready to hit the button.

Here’s what it provisionally looks like:


Thursday 12pm – The Dreaming Ward

(RPG1457490) – 4 hours, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Starting off by running a 1920s scenario after I’ve hit the trade hall for a couple of hours.

Thursday 6pm – Old Gods and Young Money

(LRP1460405), 5 hours, Cthulhu LARP

Run by the great folks over at Elder Entertainment, I always make a note of trying to get into their games!

Friday 10am – The Angel of the Abyss

(RPG1457491) – 4 hours, World War Cthulhu

Second of the games I’m running, this time set in WW2 Greece.

Friday 2pm – In the Republic of the Savior

(RPG1458272) – 3.5 hours, Trail of Cthulhu

Third of the games I’m running, set in 1980s El Salvador.

Friday 7pm – Gatsby & the Great Race

(RPG1453143), 6 hours, Call of Cthulhu 6th Edition

Paul’s Scenario, being run by the guys over at Nerd’s Domain. The Goods Friends got an invite to join in, so I for one will definitely be there if I manage to get tickets. Friday night seems to be the sweet-spot for RPGs, as there’s another Elder Entertainment Cthulhu LARP on (The Stars are Right!, LRP1456933) and an Unknown Armies game run by Todd Furler (The Harvesters, RPG1457060), one of the best GMs I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. Todd’s games fill up VERY quickly, and understandably so.

Saturday 10am – 842

(RPG1457492) – 4 hours, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

The last of the games I’m running, set in the 1920s, at a library of your choice. This one’s quite special to me, being a rewrite of a scenario that ultimately got me into writing scenarios for publication. Looking forward to breaking it open for the first time in a few years.

Saturday 6pm – Casting Call for the Apocolypse

(LRP1460502), 6 hours, Cthulhu LARP

Rounding off the weekend with another of Elder Entertainment’s LARPs. This one looks really nice – here’s hoping to getting the chance to play The King in Yellow!




I’ve left my schedule clear for Sunday, as I’ve found that it’s normally a good wind-down day, meeting up with friends, etc. and then preparing for the long ride home.

Subject to change, admittedly (as I know there’s one more off-the-books game I’ve offered to run, but need to work out when that is going to be best for the people involved), but that’s what it’s looking like at the moment. Now to wait until May 18th!

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