Hungry Podcasts and Haunted Houses

14 May, 2014


f you’re a fan of the Miskatonic University Podcast and you haven’t looked at their fundraiser yet, you really should do so. If you’re not a fan yet, you should really do something about that first!

The good Keepers of the podcast are raising money for a few much-needed things. The first one, which is already funded, is to get them all to Gen Con to record stuff there. This will also be the first time they will all meet in person, so that’s pretty exciting!

The additional money raised will go towards upgrading their recording equipment and their web hosting. The latter will be especially cool, as their existing host is straining under the load we’re all putting on it.

The campaign is offering all sorts of goodies, ranging from scenarios, audio recordings of stories, early access to upcoming special episodes and, at the higher levels, some lovely physical artefacts from Cryptocurium. There is so much cool stuff there that I’d wear my fingers out trying to catalogue it all!

As I really want to see them get the money they need to flourish, I’ve offered to help out a bit. Keeper Dan is producing some period floor plans for a house built in the early twentieth century, which will be part of the next stretch goal. I’ve offered to write some history and plot hooks to go with the plans, to help turn them into a gaming resource you can use immediately.

I’ve lived in two haunted houses (well, at least ones where lots of strange and unsettling things happened), so I may be able draw upon experience. At the very least, I’ll try to come up with a few nightmares to share.

So, please help out the fine people at the Miskatonic University Podcast, and enjoy lots of cool loot for doing so!

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2 comments on “Hungry Podcasts and Haunted Houses

  1. Not sure if this is the right place but as far as Kickstarter RPG’s go (and I know that Matt is a big fan of funding Kickstarters) here is one that you may be interested in for the Design aspect…imagine created a MMORPG centered around Cthulhu Britanica, London or World War Cthulhu?
    Well here is something you may want to fund:



  2. That looks very interesting indeed. Thanks, David!

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