We’re back, a bit later than usual, and we’re finishing up our discussion of our favourite non-Lovecraftian roleplaying games. This time it’s Paul’s choice, and much to Matt’s disgust, he’s chosen Monsterhearts. Matt is unfazed by cosmic horror, bloodshed and psychological torture, but teen drama is just too much for him.


I mean, look, she’s biting him right in the angst!

Monsterhearts, in case you haven’t encountered it, is Avery Mcdaldno’s game of teenage monsters and their messy lives. If this doesn’t sound like something that would interest you (and if you’re ever been exposed to Twilight, that is an entirely sensible reaction), you may find Paul’s impassioned enthusiasm for it changes your mind. Unless you’re Matt.


And if you’re still not interested, he’ll just rip your heart out.

As mentioned, this episode took longer than usual to prepare. Most of this was editing incriminating comments made by Matt (as evidenced by all the beeps, clicks and weird noises). Paul has promised that he’s still left enough of them in for the show to be juicy.


What the hell is he doing up there?

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6 comments on “Monsterhearts

  1. Steve Ellis Jun 10, 2014

    Thanks for the shout out- I look forward to Paul doing his ‘special’ copy of 7th Ed for me!

  2. Casey Sep 21, 2014

    I was sad that when talking about horror gaming systems other than CoC, no one mentioned Dread (the jenga tower one, not the pandemonium one). Also, If you like the Buffy feel but are sex averse, you should check out Monster of the Week. It is another Powered by the Apocalypse system where you play monster hunters, though some of the hunters can be monsters as well (Angel?).

  3. Thanks for that Casey – I’ve heard of those games but never played them, and they both sound really good. I must get around to picking them up – thanks for the reminder.

  4. I’ve yet to play either Dread or Monster of the Week, but I definitely want to try them. One day I will get to play them at a convention.

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