In this latest episode, we discuss player-led games: in particular, we try to pin down what makes a game player-led, whether or not incorporating player input works with investigative games, how you can run a player-led game of Call of Cthulhu and just what the hell do we mean by “player-led” anyway.


“I’ve got narrative control!” “No, I have!”

A lot of the ideas we discuss won’t be new to you if you’re used to playing indie games, and we shamelessly steal techniques from InSpectres, Dogs in the Vineyard and Hot War, amongst others. Even if you’re not much of a dirty hippie gamer, you may still find stuff you can use.


Make love, not deprotagonisation!

If you’ve tried applying any such techniques to your Call of Cthulhu games, want us to elaborate on some of this stuff or simply want to mock us, we would love to hear from you. Our main social media presence is on Google+, but we’re also on Facebook and Twitter (although none of us really understand Twitter).

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