Cthulhu vs Cancer: Ever wonder what job Mr Purple was on?

25 June, 2014


Dockside Dogs, a scenario for Call of Cthulhu by Paul Fricker.
All proceeds go to Cancer Research.

This was supposed to be a simple heist.

A group of well-dressed criminals arrive at a warehouse to rendezvous after pulling off an extraordinary crime. They know each other only by their pseudonyms – Mister Black, Mister Red, Mister Green, Mister Purple, Mister Beige, Mister Silver, Mister Grey.

The plan is simply to sit tight until midnight when someone will arrive to ferry them – and the loot – across the bay to make a final delivery to the boss. Sounds easy, right?

But things take a turn for the weird; strange things happen in and around the warehouse. Things which make the criminals doubt the allegiances of the compatriots, their own sanity, and ultimately the very nature of reality.

It is going to be a long wait for the ferryman.

Dockside Dogs is a one-shot scenario for Call of Cthulhu. Four to six players take on the roles of the well-dressed criminals, hoping against all odds that they will make it through the night.

As I’m participating in the Relay for Life event again this year I thought I’d take the opportunity to promote this again. It’s on sale at DrivethruRPG. I’d ask that you give at least $5, a lot of people have taken it for nothing, but I figure they probably wouldn’t have spent money on it whatever. In the two years since it was first published its raised well over £1000 for charity, thanks to some very generous donations.

If you’ve already bought a copy then I’d welcome reviews posted to DrivethruRPG or elsewhere.

Please feel welcome to share this.

I’d like to thank Shannon Mac for running the game at so many conventions and online, I’m sure he’s run the game more time than I ever have!

There’s also a nice YouTube vid of a group playing the game:

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2 comments on “Cthulhu vs Cancer: Ever wonder what job Mr Purple was on?

  1. Anonymous Jun 27, 2014

    huh, clicked on a link on Facebook and it took me to…my own video. That’s some synergy between sites. Good luck with the fund raising mate

  2. I tried to leave a comment on your webpage but it kept refreshing me out.

    Anyway, my pleasure. Great scenario. I am running it for the 10th time online in mid July. For those interested here’s a podcast of my 7th run:


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