We’re back with the second half of our discussion of Lovecraft’s story, The Dreams in the Witch House, slightly later than planned. We should have posted this last week, but our consciousnesses have been trapped in nightmare realms beyond mortal imagining, chased by hideous rat-like entities with the faces of deadlines.

Brown Jenkin

Like this, but twice as terrifying and three times as fast moving.

This is the episode where we discuss all the stuff you wanted to hear us talk about last time. In particular, we take in Stuart Gordon’s television adaptation for Masters of Horror, the sort-of-but-not-quite film version, Curse of the Crimson Altar and the rock opera. Yes, there’s a rock opera. Of course there is. Do you really want to live in a world where such a thing does not exist?

witch house

If you do want to live in such a world, our guide here will show you a handy short-cut through the corner of your bedroom.

We wrap up the episode by talking about the gameable aspects of the story, as that’s really the whole purpose of the discussion. Sure, it took us over an hour of rambling to get to this point, but in our defence we’re really not very good at this.

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Don’t judge us! Especially not if you’re going to be all creepy about it.

Until next episode (which will be here sooner than this one, honest!) we’ll let Keziah Mason sing you to sleep. Happy dreams!

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3 comments on “The Dreams in the Witch House (part 2)

  1. Anonymous Jul 7, 2014

    There are actually a few scenarios, albeit more obscure ones, that do draw at least in part from Dreams in the Witch-House:

    “Season of the Witch” from some versions of the Dreamlands book has a colonial era witch and her old house and much of the old house is very much a revamped take on Gilman’s boarding house.

    There was also a scenario for Cthulhu d20 called “Jenkins Lives” is a modern follow-up to the story.

    I may also have written a scenario with rat-things in it, but it didn’t take place in Arkham. 😉

  2. Clearly Scott, Matt and I need to brush up on our Library Use skill. Thanks for the info, I like the sound of Jenkins lives!

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