Quickstart Rules Nominated for an Ennie!

14 July, 2014

Quickstart Ennie Nom

The Quickstart rules for 7th edition Call of Cthulhu have been nominated for an Ennie in the category of Best Free Product. You can see the full list here.

If you want to get a copy of the Quickstart rules, which contain all you need to play Call of Cthulhu, including a scenario, you can get a free copy here. I’m proud of the Quickstart rules, it’s a slim volume that distills the game to its essentials.

The competition for best free product includes the following:
Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins Too! – Paizo Publishing
Rocket Age – The Lost City of the Ancients – Cubicle 7 Entertainment
A Spark In Fate Core – Genesis of Legend Publishing
Super Powers Companion Villain Supplement – Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Voting opens on July 20 and runs until July 30, 2014.

The Quickstart rules were written by Paul Fricker, Mike Mason, Sandy Petersen and Lynn Willis, with editing by Scott Dorward and Charlie Krank.

Also on the Ennies list is Trail of Cthulhu and Achtung Cthulhu, though notably no 5th Ed D&D. I expect we’ll see that on the list next year. And what else might get nominated next year? I’ve got my fingers crossed for 7th Ed Call of Cthulhu, and I’d like to see Orient Express on the list too.
Oh and let’s not forget The Good Friends of Jackson Elias! Though I think Jackson is a gentlemanly sort who wouldn’t seek to sully himself with self-congratulatory reward ceremonies. Of course the hosts may have other opinions!

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