We’re back a bit sooner this time, which is only fitting, given our topic for this episode. We have taken the recent Ennie nomination of the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules (a title almost as long as the publication itself) as an excuse to discuss said rules (if you think I’m typing that whole title out again, you’ve suffered one SAN loss too many).


I was going to put a nice, comical picture of some bleeding fingers here. Then I did an image search for public domain images of bleeding fingers. I’m never going to sleep again.

As well as giving an overview of what the quick-start rules include, and, more importantly, what they don’t, we also discuss whether you can use them for anything more substantive than an introductory one-shot or two (you can).


Spoiler tag that stuff, man!

The quick-start rules can be downloaded free of charge from either the shiny new Chaosium website or Drivethru RPG. And, as mentioned in passing, they have been nominated for an Ennie Award for Best Free Product. If you like the PDF and want to vote for it, the Ennie voting form is now online. It would make us all very happy if it were to win, but we’re already delighted with the nomination.


We just need a little help remembering how to make a happy face.

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