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3 September, 2014

CthulhuWho1's Blog

Someone threw this link in my direction today. The site looked vaguely familiar to me, it’s not new and I guess I’ve been there before. But I was curious so I scanned down, as you do. Blimey! If you are looking for audio recordings of Lovecraft’s stories this is the link for you my friends:

CthulhuWho1’s Blog

A big thanks to him for all the work that has gone in to it. There is a lot of other material there and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

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3 comments on “Fill your ears with Lovecraft

  1. If you like my audio links, check out, and help yourself to, all of my stuff on my three Lovecraftian Sites:

    The Lovecraft Flickr Collections (now over 3700 images!) at:

    The CthulhuWho1 blog at:

    And The CthulhuWho1 YouTube Channel at:

    Will Hart
    aka CthulhuWho1

  2. PS:
    I’ve just added your site to the links on!

    • That’s very kind and much appreciated.

      BTW we also have a podcast, The Good Friends of Jackson Elias, on which we’ve discussed a number of HPL stories and films. This blog serves that podcast.

      Thanks again!

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