October Horror Movie Challenge 2014

1 October, 2014

Get out of here! I’m not ready yet!

Like the killer in a slasher movie, October has caught me unaware. It has stalked me for months, leaving sinister clues such as darkening nights, chill winds and the rustling of calendar pages. Today it finally leapt out, clutching a handful of horror films like rusty blades. Its screeching cry of, “You fool! There are only 30 days in September!” has chilled me to the bone.

This is all a needlessly melodramatic way of saying that the October Horror Movie Challenge is going to prove even more of a challenge this year. I am playing catch-up with a couple of big projects, and they are going to make it tricky for me to find three hours every day to watch and write about films.

I am not admitting defeat. I hope to keep up with the challenge and post here every day, but I am less optimistic about succeeding this year. Even if I miss a few days, I will still keep going and post as often as I can. If I don’t at least try, the monster that lives in the shadows under my desk has told me that he will eat my ankles. He likes ankles.

I will amend this post with details of the films I’ve watched and links to mini-reviews. Please join in the discussion by writing a comment, shouting at your screen or burning me in effigy.

Oh, and if you want to read the reviews of the films I watched last year, you can find them indexed here.

The films so far:

  1. The Witches
  2. Equinox
  3. The Seventh Victim
  4. The Boneyard
  5. I Am a Ghost
  6. Wer
  7. Kolobos
  8. The Mansion of Madness
  9. The Black Room
  10. Kidnapped
  11. Dracula’s Daughter
  12. 100 Bloody Acres
  13. Humanoids from the Deep
  14. Escape from Tomorrow
  15. Long Pigs
  16. The Last Man on Earth
  17. Bug
  18. Inbred
  19. Joshua
  20. The Leopard Man
  21. Blood Feast
  22. All Cheerleaders Die
  23. Exte
  24. The Canal
  25. Night Tide
  26. Found
  27. Anthropophagus
  28. Fresh Meat
  29. Afflicted
  30. Trouble Every Day
  31. Horns

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2 comments on “October Horror Movie Challenge 2014

  1. Although not considered as such simply because the American release seriously toned it down…perhaps if you can get your hands on it..you might want to watch the original Japanese cut of Gojira as that was intended as a Horror Film in Japan.

  2. I think I’ve only seen the original Japanese version. It’s definitely horrific, and really quite upsetting in places. The scene with the mother preparing her children for their inevitable death still haunts me.

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