iTunes problems resolved

19 November, 2014

iTunes Problems Resolved

Jackson Elias

A few listeners mentioned that our iTunes feed hadn’t updated properly when we released episode 42: existing subscribers could download the new episode, but it wasn’t visible in iTunes. This also stopped new subscriptions via the Podcasts app in iOS.

Nothing had changed at our end and this happened on the same day as changes to the iTunes infrastructure, so I assumed the problem was at Apple’s end. It turns out I was wrong.

Without getting lost in detail, our RSS feed now takes so long to generate that iTunes gets bored and starts looking at cat videos. I’ve set up a cached version of the feed and iTunes loves us again.

Please let us know if you spot any more problems. I’ll keep an eye on the feed, especially when we release the next episode. Even so, you will almost certainly notice before I do if something goes wrong, and we will be grateful as ever to hear from you!

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