New Year, New Kickstarters

20 January, 2015

Over Christmas and the New Year, there’s been little to report of on the Kickstarter front for Cthulhu fans (well, at least in terms of game projects). However, in the last few days, a couple of projects have popped up that sound pretty interesting.


Unspeakable Words Deluxe Edition

I’d been meaning to pick up a copy of the regular edition for some time. Now, it looks like a Deluxe Edition is on the way (especially as at the time of writing, the project is over 200% funded) so the time has finally come! If they hit $50,000 (which seems very possible) then the game will have glow in the dark pieces and dice. Definitely looking forward to those.



Rise of Cthulhu – A Card Game of Influence and Horror

This one perked my interest for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s got some rather nice artwork. Then, being a card game, it’s going to be pretty light-weight and thus easier to transport. Also, it appears to play out in about 30 minutes, so has less chance of outstaying its welcome like some card games I’ve encountered. Definitely worth a try.

Other Kickstarters that should be lurking on the horizon in the not-to-distant future include Delta Green and the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion.

Watch this space 😉

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4 comments on “New Year, New Kickstarters

  1. Thanks for sharing those KS projects. I’m thinking about putting together a list of all RPG KS projects (like what Jamey Stegmaier has done on his site:

    Would that be of interest? It would be self-moderated, but would at least be a single place for everyone to check.

    • Matthew Sanderson Jan 21, 2015

      No problem! Likewise, thanks for the link – hadn’t come across there before.

      Having somewhere to list RPG projects is definitely a good idea – KS’s own search engine is pretty terrible.

      I tend to keep an eye out for Cthulhu related projects (gaming and otherwise) by default but wider RPG projects sometimes slip my notice. That should cover a lot of the major bases that way!

  2. Okay, good to know there is a need for that sort of list.

    Another question – I really enjoyed your episode on conventions in the UK, mostly because it seems that there are some pretty stark differences between UK and US cons. My question is such: what do you think of having a guest on from the US and you can actually compare notes during the episode? It doesn’t haven’t to be the whole episode, but just pick four or five categories to compare (locations, games and game length, drinking, etc).

    Of course I would be glad to volunteer myself, but you may have others you know already. I’ve only attended cons on the US West Coast so you may want others with different perspective.

    Thanks again

    • Matthew Sanderson Feb 11, 2015

      Howdy (apologies for the delay – acts of cold and wedding got in the way!).

      We’ve had a chat – that sounds like a good idea! I’ve only been to GenCon in terms of US TT events (plenty of LARP events though as part of the old Camarilla club, etc.) and I know I’d definitely like to hear about how things are different across the US convention scene 🙂

      We’ve got the topics for the next few shows sorted, but we’d definitely like to do something on those lines in the not-to-distant future.


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