Kickstarter: Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion & Littlest Lovecraft

11 February, 2015

Another Cthulhu project has successfully launched on Kickstarter, and one more is about to go live.


The Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion

From Sixty Stone Press, the long-awaited print edition of the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion campaign has launched. The word on was that the project was planned to have gone live last December, but with Christmas around the corner, it was considered that would have been a pretty bad time for lots of people (as per plenty of comments on the forum). I know I definitely would have found it hard to pledge much with Christmas and the wedding soon after. Thankfully, they’ve launched it now when I can actually afford to throw some cash at it!

Admittedly, I don’t check very often (forums… they are the dreaded “F” word for me!) so I don’t know if there was an announcement there about it’s launch ahead of time recently. I got word of it through Kickstarter sending me a notification that a friend had backed the project. I’ve hooked up with a fair number of people on the site, so I get to hear about a number of interesting projects in the end. However, by the time I got there, all the limited edition copies (the Bloody Tongue edition) had gone. Thankfully, enough people were in the same position and Sixty Stone Press put another batch of 50 limited edition copies up there. I managed to bag one of those, but in no time at all, they too were gone. That, coupled with the fact it funded very early in its first day, highlights that this is one popular project.

I got to see a copy of the original paperback print-out at Dragonmeet. This is one hefty tome full of a lot of useful information for running the campaign. Looking forward to it a lot.



Littlest Lovecraft: The Shadow Over Innsmouth

Littlest Lovecraft have done a good job publicizing their third book, following from The Call of Cthulhu and The Dunwich Horror. These are picture books telling Lovecraft stories for the little cultists out there. I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of campaigns, where they’ve offered extras like postcards, some very nice coins, glasses, etc. They’ve been a lot of fun. I’m definitely looking forward to this one, which goes live this Friday (the 13th). Hopefully that isn’t tempting fate by launching on such a date! Given how well the last couple of campaigns have gone, I’m sure it will do fine.

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