Snuffing Out the Flames of Hope

13 February, 2015

Scott has written a piece over on the Cubicle 7 site explaining how he came to World War Cthulhu. He discusses the tone of the game and how that will be continued as the range expands. Read the article here.

The old hope-snuffer himself!

The old hope-snuffer himself!

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2 comments on “Snuffing Out the Flames of Hope

  1. I so wish that image ^^ was the end of Cabin in the Woods! I look forward to reading the article as I remember playing Arkham Horror with Scott some 35 years ago. I recall it was lot like Scooby Doo with insanity 🙂

  2. I’m just surprised that we managed to wrap up a game of Arkham Horror in less than 35 years.

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