Kickstarter Update (March 2015)

11 March, 2015

Here’s this month’s update on Cthulhu/Lovecraftian projects up there for funding at the moment.

Curse of the Yellow Sign


I brought the original PDFs in this collection as they came out a few years back and went back to DriveThruRPG from time to time in hope that they would eventually be collected together in a print-on-demand book. It looks like my prayers have been answered and John Wick’s “Curse of the Yellow Sign” will see print! As soon as I got the notification that this project had gone live, I dived right in to the highest pledge level to get as much as I could from the project ;-) I’m very much looking forward to seeing how high the funding goes for this one. They’ve got some nice stretch goals lined up, and have already fully funded. Here’s hoping that the stretch goals also make it into physical form!

Who is Lovecraft?


This game comes from Cthulhu Project, the team behind the Cthulhu Idol and the Cthulhu Talking Board. I very much liked the Idol, which has a nice place on my shelf, but I must admit to being very underwhelmed by the Talking Board (Ouija Board). The little planchette that came with the board was very nice, the board itself (just printed on cardboard) was not worth the amount I paid for it. Oh well, live and learn… The artwork for their new project here though is definitely making me consider backing it though.

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition (French Edition)


Speaking of projects that are seriously tempting me… **Insert lots of drooling here** I can’t read French, but the completist in me is crying out to pledge for this one on European Kickstarter-like site Ulule. It has some absolutely brilliant artwork, high production values, great extras, and a limited edition version too! I think some of the creature artwork made its way into the English version, which is great :-) If… I mean “when” this makes it into my collection, it’s going in the glass display case alongside my English 7th Edition Kickstarter rewards! Definitely a collector’s piece.

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