The Good Friends turn two!

8 June, 2015

Jackson Elias

It’s been two years, one shed and many out-takes since we put out the first episode of The Good Friends of Jackson Elias! Much has happened in this time, including a change in venue, improvements in production quality and a bid by Scott’s beard for world domination. More importantly, we’ve had a lot of fun producing the podcast. Our plan was always to do this for as long as we enjoy it, and this shows no sign of waning yet.


Apparently sparkling wine has the same effect on Matt as crosses have on vampires.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through substandard microphones, episodes that sounded like they were recorded in Cthulhu’s bowels, and endless jokes about Attract Fish! If we learn as much about recording podcasts over the next two years as we have to date, we should be approaching competence by 2017.


And cheers to all of you!

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2 comments on “The Good Friends turn two!

  1. GB Steve Jun 20, 2015

    Never mind aeons and rugose, it’s squamous, pronounced skway-mus.

    • Blimey! This is the peril of picking up half your vocabulary from books. I’m sure there are many, many more Lovecraftian words I’ve been mangling for decades.

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