Video Guide to: Call of Cthulhu Quick-Start Rules (Part 5: Wounds and Healing)

11 June, 2015

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This short video explains the Call of Cthulhu rules for taking damage, first aid, medicine, major wounds and death (using the latest edition of the Quick-Start Rules).

This is the final part of five videos covering the Quick-Start Rules:

Part 1: Character creation
Part 2: Game system
Part 3: Sanity rules
Part 4: Combat

The Quick-Start Rules PDF can be obtained, free, at Drivethru or Chaosium.

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7 comments on “Video Guide to: Call of Cthulhu Quick-Start Rules (Part 5: Wounds and Healing)

  1. Keep doing the videos. They are pretty useful and informative.

  2. That’s good to hear, thanks Anibal.

  3. These are great – love the length and the speed.

  4. Sam Stamps Jun 12, 2015

    Please keep making them. I think they are very helpful.

  5. I enjoy them!
    …. did I see you blinking, when you picked up the book near the end?
    So no Insmouth blood after all? 😉

  6. darren t. Jun 13, 2015

    A very good series on the parts that could be confusing or changed in the new edition like combat. Keep doing them & I will watch them as well as pass them on to others who might be interested in learning CoC. Thanks for making these!

  7. Great work! I love to listen to all five parts and I want more :-D.

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